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Pig and Heifer Tapas Restaurant

It was on our trips to Spain visiting friends when we were introduced to the real meaning of Tapas; we were hopping between bars and taverns every night, mingling, meeting people, and chatting…all this while having great "Tapas" that always came out at the right time to compliment yet another amazing glass of wine… in the truly Spanish fashion. It was then, it is now, and will it always be about having fun and being surrounded by good company, food and wine. That is what captured our hearts, and these memories are the motive behind the Pig & Heifer Tapas.

We are a small plate restaurant, and in our food you can discover the influence of different regions of Spain in particularly the north and also the Basque region in France, which we consider to be a wonderful flavour palate. The small plates allow you to experience more of these flavours, they are a great way to share a meal with your friends.

So we welcome you to the Pig and Heifer Tapas.

1a Lower George’s Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
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